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Measuring orifices, nozzles and venturi tubes – overview

Subcritically operated pressure drop devices work according to Bernoulli's principle and are designed and manufactured according to the international standard DIN EN ISO 5167. They are differential pressure transducers for the measurement of the average flow rate and the mass flow.


Pressure drop devices with suitable differential pressure transducers are used for flow measurements of liquids, gases and vapours in pure phase in pipelines. Since transducers have no movable parts and require hardly any maintenance, this reliable procedure is used preferably in chemical and technical processes.

Our delivery program:

Pressure drop devices for pipe diameters from DN 10 up to DN 1000.

Complete test section design:

Measuring sections with orifices, nozzles and venturi tubes can be configured according to standard with diameters from DN 15 up to DN 1000 with straight inlet and outlet sections. The tube connections are designed by default with DIN flanges or welding connections, pressure and temperature connections mostly are equipped with imperial standard threads.

Accessories as various fittings, valves, valve blocks, equalisation vessels and measurement pipes are included in our delivery program.

Orifices and
subcritical nozzles

Stable flow measurement of gases or liquids

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