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Powerful Measurement, Test and Calibration Systems

Modularity in the mechanical structures, the sensor systems and the basic electronics as well as in the flexibly configurable software of our testing systems guarantees a quick adaptation to the most diverse measurement and control applications with an ideally adjusted measured value acquisition.


Short test periods and high measuring accuracy require high performance in testing technology. Measuring and testing systems must pass rough working environments, in some cases working in triple shifts, whilst being embedded in complex processes. Downtimes and maintenance requirements should be reduced to a minimum. Simple compact testing units in most cases cannot comply with all of these requirements.

Powerful technology when combined with competent services will lead to success.

Describe your project to us – we would be pleased to advise you and to develop a customized solution for your requirements.

Measuring systems of TetraTec Instruments

Modular precision work for complex and multifunctional tasks!

Which measuring system for which type of application?


Please make use of our know-how: Give us details about your project. We will find the right measuring system configuration and equipment suitable for your application specifications.