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DV700 Standard Nozzle

Standard nozzles DV700 are manufactured according to standard DIN EN ISO 5167 part 3 with flange connection or for welding. They are the first choice for the flow measurement of gases, vapours and liquids, when short length and low pressure drop are required.


Compared with other differential pressure transducers according to ISO 5167 clearly shorter straight inlet/outlet sections are required. In addition, the weight of big venturi tubes completely manufactured of sheet steel is clearly lower than the weight of comparable venturi nozzles. The remaining pressure drop is approx. 15 up to 20% of the measured differential pressure.

DV700 Standard nozzles
DV700 Standard nozzles

Product features include:

  • Throat diameter d of 10 up to 800 mm
  • Diameters of DN 25 up to DN 1000
  • Straight inlet/outlet: min. 4 x DN / 2 x DN
  • Connection by flanges or welding
  • Vacuum or pressure operation
  • Quick response time and good accuracy
  • Very good long-term stability, no moving parts


DV700 Standard nozzles are maschined turned parts and welded structures of steel or stainless steel, mainly with round cross-section. They consist of an radius, followed by the cylindrical throat and the outlet cone.


Standard nozzles have very low remaining pressure drops according to the manufacturing of the inlet cone and the angle of the outlet cone due to good flow control. Plus and minus pressure tappings are carried out in the tube wall on the inlet and at the constricted area in the throat by one or several single bores. It is recommended to connect them by a ring line in case of larger diameters.

DV700 standard nozzles

Low pressure drop and short length

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Data sheet DV700

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