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EWS: Rotary vane servo valve in DN 4 and DN 6

The rotary vane valve EWS is an electro-pneumatic control module in compact design as cartridge. The directly controlled, electrically operated continuous 3/3 way valve designed according to the patented rotary vane principle with electronic valve slide position control controls almost hysteresis-free and it is designed for fast pressure controls with high flow capacity.


The EWS can be used as final control element for air flows of 10 up to 1000 Nl/min and for the control of overpressures and vacuums between -0.9 and +10 bar. The valve cartridge is manufactured in two diameters DN 4 and DN 6. The control electronics is externally placed and it is available in various types.

3/3 way rotary vane valve EWS
3/3-way rotary vane valve EWS

Product features include:

  • 3/3 way rotary vane servo valve
  • Flow control up to 1000 Nl/min
  • Pressure control of -0.9 bar vacuum up to 10 bar overpressure
  • Valve diameters 4 and 6 mm
  • Cartridge design with optional housing
  • Integrated valve slide position control


Special features:

  • Pressure control with high flow capacity
  • Low heat transfer into the medium
  • Works in combination with any proportional, integral or differential regulator (PID)

The rotary vane operating principle

The 3-way principle allows to mix inlet pressures according to the position of the control valve. The control electronics installed in the external connector housing controls the position of the air-bearing rotary vane valve. The valve requires a constant full rated capacity for the air bearings and the slides, which do not close tightly and which always pass a minimum vent performance even if the valve is closed.

3/3-way servo valve EWS

Fast pressure and flow control

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