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LMF Laminar Master Flow - Flow Measuring System

The Laminar Master Flow System, LMF for short, automates the dynamic and precise measurement of volume and mass flows of air and gases. Tests and processes can be carried out fully automatically combined with electronic pressure or flow control.


Different types of the LMF can be provided with different housings, starting from a panel-mounted instrument up to a 19" slide-in module, also obtainable as splash-proof (IP54). Modularity in the mechanical structure and in the sensor technology of the measuring system as well as in the flexibly configurable evaluation software guarantees the adaptation to different test and measuring problems.

LMF Flow measuring systems
LMF Flow measuring systems

Product features include:

  • Flow measuring system with a high accuracy for air and gas flows
  • Determination of the mass and volume flows of air as well as of more than a dozen types of gas
  • 10 freely configurable test program memories
  • Measuring span from 1:10, extended up to 1:100
  • Test pressure up to 10 bar, with control optional
  • Test temperature -10 up to +70°C, humidity optional
  • Interfaces: RS232, RS485, Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Digital inputs/outputs for  PLC communication, and for activation of solenoid valves, for example

LMF Flow measuring section(s):

  • Usable measuring element types: Laminar Flow Elements, gas meters, critical nozzles, pitot tubes, orifices, subcritical nozzles and mass flow meters
  • Full scale measuring range with Laminar Flow Elements (LFE): from 5 ml/min up to 64000 l/min
  • Measuring accuracy:
    ≤±0.85% of reading at <0.5 l/min (air)
    ≤±0.65% of reading at >0.5 l/min (air)
  • Evaluation of 2 measuring sections at the same time

Measuring with a LFE – there is no easier and quicker way!

The Laminar Flow Element (LFE) stands out from all other flow meters by the combination of a fast responding behaviour and a wide measuring range. The reasons therefor are the linear characteristic curve of the LFE as well as the advantages of the volume flow measurement compared with the mass flow measurement.

Precise air and gas flow measurement with fast control!

LMF Flow measuring systems

Quick and accurate
do not have to be contradictions!

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