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Dry testing with air and gases

The dry contamination-free testing of products, quality assurance in accordance with DIN ISO 9000 , protection of the environment and conservation of resources have all become central issues in many applications across all industries.


By combining our expertise in electronics, sensors, application know-how and calibration we are able to create testing, measuring and control systems which are able to satisfy reliably and safely both extensive demands and complex evaluations.

Turnkey equipment



The typical testing duty for devices ducting air and gas can be carried out and replicated very efficiently using effective and highly automated testing technology. Ever-increasing demands for reductions in testing times and increases in measurement accuracy require maximum performance from the testing technology. This technology must be able to meet complex sequences of testing in a harsh working environment, sometimes involving triple shifts round the clock. In addition to that, maintenance and downtime should be reduced.

Simple compact devices are unable to comply with all of these requirements. Powerful technology combined with professional service only can guarantee success.

The determination of characteristic curves for pressure and flow in the development and manufacturing of pressure regulators, control valves and flow sensors is an important part in the linearization or safe-guarding of the promised features of the devices. Under the expanded product liability, this is indeed one of the most important preventitive measures to avoid costly recourse claims or product recalls.

There is also the added advantage that it is now possible to carry out these tests very safely by means of correlation measurements using air instead of any liquid operating medium. This not only simplifies the testing regime but also the downstream logistics of drying and packaging. Even the risk of drying up and pollution is reduced.

Typical applications for flow and leak testing can be found for example in the production of high-pressure diesel pumps, gas fittings, sensors or filters. With flow measurement the geometry of the holes and fittings in particular can be scrutinized. Thus, holes can be in the range of 0.05 up to 2 mm and tolerances associated with pistons can be checked to the correct dimensions. Larger holes can be examined by reducing the cross section by means of locating pins.

In order to meet the high quality requirements for clearance fits, the two parts are separated into two sections with a gap of less than a fraction of a micro meter and then subsequently joined back together.

Dry testing

You do not always
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We would be pleased to give you more information about the posibilities of quality assurance by dry testing in your specific application fields.