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MBL500 Orifice measuring section

Orifice measuring sections are manufactured with different differential pressure transducers as orifices or nozzles with firmly connected inlet/outlet tubes for usage even with high pressures and temperatures according to standard DIN EN ISO 5167 part 2 and 3. They meet the minimum requirements of straight inlet/outlet lengths and mechanical type according to the standard.


They are used as differential pressure transducers for the flow measurement of gases, vapours and liquids especially in small pipes up to DN 100. Exact calculation values for the flow will be provided by using calibrated sections. In addition, the possibility of replacement of the measuring module allows for an easy changing of the measuring range.

Product features include:

  • Bore diameter d of 5 up to 160 mm
  • Diameters of DN 10 up to DN 200
  • Straight inlet/outlet: min. 10 x DN / 5 x DN
  • Connection by flanges
  • Vacuum or overpressure operation
  • Quick response time and good accuracy
  • Very good long-term stability, no moving parts


Orifice measuring sections are throttle devices with a replaceable measuring module, provided with inlet and outlet sections. It can be manufactured as a standard orifice according to ISO 5167 part 2, a quarter circle nozzle or as a double cone orifice according to the corresponding operating conditions. In special cases it is possible to use standard venturi nozzles according to ISO 5167 part 3. The measuring module and, if necessary, its carrier-rings are sealed by a flat seal. The seal is precisely adapted to the medium and the operating conditions. The measuring sections are delivered completely mounted and ready for installation, either for flanging or welding.

Particularly with small pipes the measuring accuracy is influenced by installation faults. This can be avoided, if the inlet and outlet tubes form a unity with the carrier-rings on the measuring section and they are moved up to the orifice without obstruction. A centrical position of the measuring module is reached. This guarantees for the prescribed, trouble-free inlet and outlet lengths.

MBL500 orifice measuring sections

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