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LFE-FlowCal – software for calculation of Laminar Flow Elements

The LFE FlowCal software allows the user to calculate the flow rates using Laminar Flow Elements based on the calibration data. Both, the Hagen–Poiseuille and the Uniflow calculation methods are supported. With this Excel tool you can calculate the flow rates of air and gases with LFE under real operating conditions.


Copy the MS Excel file to a local directory on your PC. Set the security level to "Medium" in the security settings of MS Excel (Tools/Macro/Security).
Please ensure that you enable the use of macros within the Tools settings!

LFE-FlowCal software
LFE-FlowCal software

Performance features:

  • Flow element types:

    Laminar Flow Elements

  • Calculation method:

    Hagen–Poiseuille and Uniflow

  • Basis of calculation:

    Polynomial calibration

  • Media:

    Air and a further 12 types of gases

  • Range of calculation types:

    Velocity of sound








The LFE-FlowCal software can be found in the column
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Calculates the LFE flow in no time at all!

Further information and technical details can be
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Inspection copy:

LFE-FlowCal sample


LFE-FlowCal software