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Single nozzle adapters according to DN 4 up to DN 10

Small nozzles as single measuring section in the flow range up to approx. 6 m3/h can be connected in diameters of DN 4 up to DN 10 with customary clamp bolting or simple tube adapters to standard tubes. For larger nozzles and flows individual nozzle sections are mostly set up with flange connections.


Easy handling, fast response time, high measuring or adjustment accuracy of the flow, very high long-term stability and accordingly long recalibration time limits of the critical nozzles are unbeatable features for recurring calibration tasks of volume flow measuring devices for air and gases.

Set-up nozzle adapter 10-A-300-a

Nozzle O-ring sealed, pluggable in cylindrical tube adapter 10-A-300-a or 10-A-301-a, threaded connections G1/8" or G1/4"


Set-up CFO-SS-6MO-6 adapter

Nozzle O-ring sealed, pluggable in Swagelock SS-6MO-6 or SS-400-6 adapter, connections: clamp bolting or external thread


Set-up CFO-4-VCR-7-4 adapter

Nozzle incorporated in gasket, metal sealing in Swagelock 4-VCR-7-4 adapter with cap screw and internal or external thread


Set-up nozzle adapter FRO

Throttle or nozzle, e.g., sealed in in SS-4-VCR thread, with clamp bolting and external thread


Single nozzle adapters DN 4 up to DN 10

Small, handy, suitable for standard tubes

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