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Laminar Flow Elements – overview

Laminar Flow Elements (LFE) are designed for measuring the air or gas flow quickly and accurately. They are the right choice and are available in a wide range of different numbers of applications of flow measurements and calibrations with air or gases. LFEs are calibrated ex works and can be delivered completely ready for use including sensor technology.

Graded measuring ranges as small leakage volumes from 0,5 to 10 ml/min up to high flow rates of 2 to 80 m3/min air, for example, are available in different LFE series with various connections. They allow an appropriate selection for the corresponding field of application.

Our delivery program:

Laminar Flow Elements with measuring ranges from 10 ml/min up to 66 m3/min air.

Laminar Flow Elements for air and gases:

Short description:

Laminar Flow Elements allow extremely wide flow measuring ranges from 1:10 up to 1:100. Using a wide volume flow measuring range and a static pressure range from 1:10 the LFE reaches a wide measuring range up to 1:1000 in regard to mass flow of air and gases.


The usage and calibration of LFEs are not restricted to laminar states of flow with air, but can also be completed for turbulent working ranges and any pure gases.

Our delivery program includes various terminal blocks and inlet/outlet tubes for the setup of complete measuring sections.

Laminar Flow Elements LFE

Quick, linear flow measurement
with air and gases

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