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M1500 – digital pressure transmitter

The digital pressure transmitter M1500 is a highly accurate pressure control system based on microprocessors for the measurement of differential, gauge or absolute pressures with an accuracy of better than ±0.025 % F.S on the digital interface.


M1500 digital pressure transmitters are available with various interfaces and optionally also with an analogue output. The digital interface enables the configuration and retrieval of data via PC as well as the networking of transmitters (RS485). The digital interface of the analogue output version supports only the configuration of the transmitter.

M1500 Digital pressure transmitter
M1500 Digital pressure transmitter

Product features include:

  • Differential, gauge or absolute pressure measurement
  • Measuring ranges of 25 mbar up to 200 bar
  • Accuracy better ±0.025 up to ±0.1 % F.S.
  • Media: air, gases and liquids
  • Temperature-compensated of -10 up to 50°C
  • Digital interfaces: RS-232, RS-485 or USB
  • Network operation of up to 32 transmitters (RS-485)
  • MSP Meriam Serial Protocol
  • Optionally only with analogue output: Current / voltage

Special features:


Network operation: up to 32 transmitter can be interconnected for a RS485 network.

Measurement units: Selectable: mbar, bar, kPa, kg/cm2, cm H2O, mm Hg, In. Hg, In. H2O for the referential temperatures 4 °C, 20 °C or 60 °F & PSI as well as user-defined units/scaling.
Attenuation: Averaging intervals: 0.1 up to 25 seconds.
ZERO function: Zeroing of the zero point is allowed within ±5 % F.S.

M1500 Digital
pressure transmitter

For differential, gauge or absolute pressure

More information and technical details can be
found in the data sheet

Data sheet:

Data sheet M1500


Manual M1500

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