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Regulators and control valves – overview

Electronic and mechanical pressure regulators, control, regulating and switching valves are an important part of numerous test measurements to regulate the pressure or to measure the flow – or vice versa. Select the corresponding category in the overview for more details.

Mechanical pressure regulators

Many applications require mechanical pressure regulators, which are able to keep a constant supply pressure exactly and stable.

Electronic pressure regulators

Here you can find electronic pressure regulators, which are used in several applications to keep a constant supply pressure exactly and stable.

Regulating and control valves

Adequate regulating and control valve with different diameters of DN 4 up to DN 250 for various flow and pressure control ranges even with higher temperatures – for air and gases.

Please give us detailed information about your user-specific requirements – we will find suitable regulators or suitable control valves for your task.

Pressure regulators, regulating and control valves

Control precisely pressure and flow

Which regulator or valve for which field of application?


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