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MSV-GS: Sliding gate diaphragm control valves, diameter DN 15 or 250

For controlling high flow rates up to 30,000 Nl/min of liquids, air and gases – also with high pressures up to 100 bar and temperatures up to 350 °C – a wide selection of sliding gate diaphragm control valves is available with the MSV-GS series, which can be individually adapted to your control tasks.


The valve is a pneumatic control valve for controlling neutral and even highly aggressive media. Fields of application are, for example, process engineering, chemistry or plant engineering. Please provide us with details of your application, we are able to dimension a suitable gate valve and will manufacture it customized to your specific requirements.

MSV-GS Sliding gate control valve
MSV-GS Sliding gate control valve

Product features include:

  • Flow up to 30.000 Nl/min, pressure up to PN 100 bar overpressure
  • Valve diameters DN 15 up to 250 mm
  • Media: neutral and aggressive media
  • Temperatures up to 350°C
  • Light, space-saving wafer type fitting
  • Suitable for high temperatures and pressures
  • Low weight, low noise operation
  • Fast response by small strokes
  • High differential pressures with small actuators
  • Low pneumatic energy consumption by small strokes and low actuating forces
  • Variable Kvs values, range Kvs 0.04 up to 560
  • High tightness even with temperatures > 200°C
  • Low leakage rate: < 0.0001% of the Kvs value
  • Excellent rangeability: 40:1
  • Highest speed by low strokes
  • Minimum wear and high-quality combination of materials

Brilliantly simple operating principle:

Instead of incoming flow below the seat as with seat valves, the driving force of the sliding gate valve is perpendicular (90°) to the flow direction. This results in a lower power requirement by a factor of 10 for opening, closing or positioning of the sliding gate valve compared with the seat valve. Moreover, the applied pressure of the medium against the sliding disk supports the closing of the valve.

Sliding gate diaphragm control valve MSV-GS

For liquids, vapours and gases

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