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Control and regulating valves – overview

Control and regulating valves for pressure and flow control should be calculated and designed by consideration of medium, pressure and flow ratio as well as the pipe diameter. This ensures that the opening ratio optimally matches the operating situation.


Rotary vane and sliding gate valves are particularly fast in control performance, since they need small strokes only to go from closed to wide open. They need a remarkable smaller positioning force in comparison with conical valves with same diameter and differential pressure, since they close cross to flow and not against the flow like conical valves do.

Our delivery program:

Control and regulating valves with diameters of DN 4 up to DN 250.

Control and regulating valves

Fields of application:

Electronic flow control Electronic pressure control
Determination of flow characteristic curves Determination of pressure characteristic curves
Process control for air, gases and liquids

Control and regulating valves

Fast control with
high flow rate

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