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GSx – smart mass flow meter and controller

The thermal mass flow meters of the Smart series GS are particularly suitable for quick measurement and control tasks in the field of apparatus engineering and plant engineering, as well as for specific OEM applications thanks to proven technology and standardized interfaces.


Communication with a PC or a PLC can be operated digitally as well as analogously. In addition, the GSx series is characterized by a number of other features, by which the devices can be optimized very easily to a variety of different requirement profiles. The GSx series is suitable for operating pressures up to 10 bar.

GSx red-y Smart series
GSx red-y Smart series

Product features include:

  • Max. measured values: 25 Nml/min up to 450 Nl/min
  • Measurement, control and alarm function
  • Measuring range: 1:50 standard, 1:100 high perf.
  • Accuracy: standard ±1% F.S. 
                   high performance ±0.3% F.S + ±0.5% o.R.
  • Materials: aluminum or stainless steel
  • Fast reaction time: 50 ms and tight control valve
  • Profibus connection
  • NEW: LED operating mode and flow display
  • NEW: Set value delay
  • True gas calibration
  • Multigas: up to 10 different gases per device
  • 3 years manufacturer's warranty

Flexibility and savings capacity in mixing processes and consumption measurement


Decisive factors for an exact and constant quality of gas mixtures are devices with a high measuring accuracy and a stable control behaviour. The thermal mass flow meters and controllers of Vögtlin impress by an unbeatable performance from both, technology and price.

Smart series

Measuring and controlling of process gases