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GCx – compact mass flow meter

The flow meter and controller of the compact series GC replace variable area flow meters in their previous fields as local flow indicator and target also mobile application possibilities.


In addition to the benefits of network independency – thanks to battery-powered operation – and the flow adjustment via manual control valve the devices offer a clear added value to your system by an accurate and clearly readable display, pressure independency and intelligent watchdog/limit value functions. GCx mass meters are suitable for operating pressures up to 10 bar.

GCx red-y Compact series
GCx red-y Compact series

Product features include:

  • Max. measured values 50 Nml/min up to 200 Nl/min
  • Measurement, control and alarm function
  • Measuring range: 1:50
  • Accuracy:
    eco ±2% of full scale (3%FS > 200 NL/min)
    high ±1% of full scale (up to 50 NL/min)
  • Battery-powered operation or 24 Vdc
  • Totalizer function
  • Bar graph display
  • True gas calibration
  • Precise manual control valve
  • 3 years manufacturer's warranty

Gasmetering increases safety and reduces costs


The metering of expensive gases causes an economical use of resources. Thus you reduce costs and you know exactly, where, when and how much is being used. The compact mass flow meters of the series GCx can be easily installed in the gas line and they can be read immediately.

Compact series

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