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P · DP Electronic pressure gauges – overview

For precise flow measurements of differential pressure methods it is necessary to measure the differential pressure above the flow element exactly. In addition, the static pressure, temperature and, if necessary, air humidity should be recorded for an accurate determination of the density of the medium.


For this we offer – depending on the tasks – different types with different measuring ranges for pressure and differential pressure as single sensors, and also the combined pressure/differential pressure sensor PDP. High precision, fast response time and, first of all, overload resistance which is fundamental in practice, are important selection criteria.

Our delivery program:

Differential, absolute and gauge pressure measuring devices with measuring ranges of 1 mbar up to 1000 bar.


P · DP Electronic pressure gauges:

Fields of application:

Differential pressure on the flow element Differential pressure measurement
Static pressure on the flow element Absolute pressure measurement
Over pressure/vacuum on the flow element Gauge pressure measurement

Pressure gauges
and transmitters

For gauge, absolute and differential pressure

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