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MFC-5150: HART Communicator

The MFC 5150 HART® Communicator is a handheld de-vice for easy configuration and receiving data of measur-ing devices. All HART field devices can be configured, polled, and trimmed using the MFC with HART communications.


The manufacturers’ DDs were read in their native format. So the HART communicator MFC-5150 can communicate with any registered or unregistered HART device and supports the configuration and adjustment of any device with HART protocol. It supports all universal, generally used (generic) and also device-specific HART commands for commissioning, configuration and maintenance. The handheld device offers an optimum of useability and comfort with all applications in harsh environment and in field.

HART communicator MFC-4150
HART Communicator MFC-5150

Product features include:

  • MFC-5150-S HART communicator CE version
  • MFC-5150-X HART communicator ATEX version
  • Display with anti-glare touch-screen 4,3“, 480 x 272 Pixel
  • Full QWERTY-keyboard , touchscreen and function keys
  • Reads manufacturers’ DDs in their native format
  • Clone / upload / download configurations
  • Commissioning of HART® devices
  • Reading and configuring of HART transmitters
  • Editing in follow-up/edit mode
  • Documentation of first and as-found configuration
  • Documentation as-left configuration
  • Offline mode: for rework or review configuration
  • Sleep function: programmable
  • Device maintenance: Problem handling of devices
    via reading of HART device error messages

Special features:

Certificates: Standard: CE mark and conformity,
alternatively: ATEX intrinsically safe Ex II 1 G; EEx ia IIC T4 Ga (zone 0); Exia Class I, Div I Group A, B, C, D: T4 checked by DEMKO laboratories of –10°C < Ta < +50°C (only with AA alkaline battery)

HART Communicator MFC-5150

communicates with any HART device !

More information and technical details can be
found in the data sheet

Data sheet:

Data sheet MFC-5150


Manual MFC-5150

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