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Flow elements and flow meters – overview

Correctly selected flow elements and flow meters are the basis and the guarantee for successful measurement of air and gas flow. The overview stated below includes flow meters which meet the most different needs.

Pressure drop devices: orifices, nozzles and venturi tubes

Orifices, nozzles and venturi tubes are differential pressure transducers for the measurement of volume and mass flow. They are operated subcritical, designed and manufactured according to the international standard DIN EN ISO 5167.

Laminar Flow Elements (LFE)

Laminar Flow Elements are available in a great variety and many measuring ranges. They are the perfect choice in applications for flow measurement and calibration with air and gases since LFEs have wide measuring ranges and measure fast and accurately.

Thermal mass flow meters

Mass flow meters for air and clean gas work with temperature-based procedures. They are the most compact solution for many control tasks of air and gas flow when combined with a permanently installed control valve.

Flow elements
and flow meters

For air and gas flow measurements

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