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The history of TetraTec Instruments GmbH

... in its present form began in 2002 with the merger of two companies,

  • TetraTec Software and Engineering GmbH, founded in 1993, and
  • EP Instruments Measuring Technology and Calibration GmbH, established in 1996.

The formal merger was the result of many years of cooperation between the two original companies since 1997 in the development, manufacture and application of measuring, testing and control systems, electronics and sensors for measuring pressure, flow and leakage in air and gases.

Know-how and experience

Know-how from the test bench led to the creation of modular, adaptable measurement systems.


This allows complex test and measurement tasks to be solved transparently. The integration into automated processes is facilitated by the decentralized autonomy.

Based on our experience in testing and measurement technology, the focus of our work remains, above all, the reproducibility of the physical representation of measured variables and the ability to link these back to national standards.

Particularly in applications which determine the physical dimensions of pressure, flow and leakage in air and pure gases of all types, we offer solutions for the future.

We are happy to provide proof of our expertise in measurement and control technology!

TetraTec Instruments GmbH

From 1996 to today

We are a member of the German Calibration Service
DKD Deutscher Kalibrierdienst