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End of Line Test Benches and Manual Workstations for Flow and Leakage

Our test benches are designed as customer specific solution for the pneumatical leakage testing, flow measurement and functional testing. Applications range from the selection test up to the serial end of line testing of hydraulical, pneumatical and mixed pneumatical hydraulical precision mechanical parts, assemblies and devices.


Typical units under test are  automotive components like valves, injectors and pumps as well as i.e. armatures and regulators. These test benches are applied in the automotive supplier industry as well as in the manufacturing of medical, heating, ventilation and home and building control technology.

EoL End-of-Line Test Benches
for functional and leakage testing


Our End-of-Line test benches and manual workstations are customer specific solutions to test fluid technical assemblies and components with the media air. Typical functions are i.e. opening and closing pressure measurement and as well adjustment and and calibration tasks were realized.


Testing tasks are the functional testing, integral leakage testing, flow measurement and passageway testing.


Absolute pressure measurement or differential pressure measurement are possible in a range from vacuum up to 16 bar gauge pressure. The measurement ranges of the flow measurement ranges from 1 ml/min up to 1600 m³/h.

The test benches comprise the mecanical construction, the complete measurement and safety equipment as well as the relevant handling equipment.

Manual Workstations


Manual workstations were mostly used for the small series selection and random sample testing in the quality assurance and developement. Suitable adaptions for different units under test allow an easier connection and guarantee a better comparability of the testing results.


The user can perform the test depending on the requirements manually, respectively intervene in the automatic test sequence, enter and change set point values or let automatically runn the test procedure. Thus a maximum of flexibily in customer specific applications is granted.

EoL test benches and manual workstations for

and pressure

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