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Mobile Calibration and Test Systems for Flow, Leakage and Pressure

Based on the standard series of our measuring, testing and control systems we are manufacturing also mobile and customer specific calibration and testing systems. In different models and housing versions they are available with a mobile easy transportable housing with bow-type handle up to the stationary, permanently installed 19" rack or measuring tower.


Universal calibration systems like LMF-KAL and CFO-1x5 are designed for general calibration tasks. While the CVS-KAL system, the CFO and LFC dosing systems find their place as specific solutions for air intake measurement and for leakage testing mostly in the facilities for engine testing and in exhaust gas analysis centers of the automotive industry.

LMF-KAL Calibration System

Flow Calibration System LMF-KAL

for differential pressure based flow measurement


The flow calibration system LMF-KAL can evaluate Laminar Flow Elements (LFE), subcritical orifices, nozzles or other differential pressure based flow elements, as well as critical nozzles, which were used for the calibration of flow measurement devices. This compact system allows an automized calibration using very precise sensors and offers also very usefull additional functions like averaging and differential pressure zeroing.

CFO Nozzle Calibration System

Air and Gas Flow Calibration System CFO-1x5

with integrated critical nozzle gallery


With this critical nozzle calibration system CFO-1x5 we offer a very compact flow calibration system which is equipped on demand with precise sensors as well as with an electronical pressure controller. Up to five critical nozzles and their flow can be switched with valves in one nozzle gallery. This way the mass flow of each activated nozzle is added and up to 32 mass flow points can be adjusted in total.

CVS-KAL Calibration System

Air Flow Calibration System CVS-KAL

for applications of air intake measurement


The calibration system CVS-KAL is especially designed according to the EPA (Environement Protection Agency) requirements for the precise calibration of critical venturi nozzles or Rootsblowers used in Constant Volume Sampling (CVS) for exhaust gas analysis in the engine test cells of the exhaust gas laboratories of the automotive industry. This device is equipped with accurate sensors and Laminar Flow Elements (LFE) or Smooth Approach Orifices (SAO), supports the AK command set and can be used for automized calibration of the CVS system with air.


Air Flow Calibration System PMU-DLS-KAL

with integrated SAO inlet nozzle


The air flow calibration system PMU-DLS-KAL is especially designed to calibrate flow meter used in a particle sampler. The system works in suction operation and it has integrated an exchangeable SAO nozzle in the front panel. Since SAO nozzles are very rugged this system is an ideal calibration device for rough industrial areas.

LFC Laminar Flow Control

Laminar Flow Control System LFC

Dosing system and gas mixer


The laminar flow measurement principle is suited ideally to create a constant flow with a single gas or a gas mixture of several gases with defined molar fraction, because it works directly volumetrically. Using the LFC system the user can create in a high turn down very stable gas flows or mix two or more gases with a defined molar relation of the components.

CFO-Sx00 Dosing System

CFO-Sx00 Dosing System

with critical nozzles for propane, CO or CO2


The dosing system CFO-Sx00 continues the evolution of the classical mechanical model of the CFO device as "electronical version" with automatical pressure control and digital display of the pressure and mass flow. The user can set a mass flow setpoint, the system will hold it and automatically control it.

Mobile calibration and testing systems for

and pressure

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Data sheets of our mobile calibration and test systems:

Data sheet LMF-KAL

Data sheet CVS-KAL

Data sheet PMU-DLS-KAL

Data sheet LFC

Data sheet CFO-Sx00