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Measurement Towers and Calibration Rigs for Flow and Pressure

In a measurement tower for mobile use different measurement and control systems can be mounted very compact and space saving. Precise flow and pressure calibration systems are available with equipment options like air treatment and pressure. The mechanical design variants reach form mobile moveable tower up to a permanently installed aluminium profile structure.


Precise calibration rigs with gas meters and critical nozzle galleries round up our scope of delivery for an automated calibrierung and endurance testing of measurement devices, sensors and parts in the high end sector. A safe calibration data capturing can be guaranteed with a data base connection.

Flow Control System CFO-2x15
Double Array with Critical Nozzles for Air and Gases

The Flow Control System can mix two gases. Each gas flow is created in a separate nozzle array. The total gas volume flow of the mixture is built of the sum of the partial flow of each channel according to the mixture relation. Each array has integrated 15 critical nozzles.
The nozzles are manufactured in a way that each nozzle delivers about the double of the volume flow of the next smaller one. Combinations of the nozzles lead to an addition of the single volume flows. This way the standard volume flow can be controlled with a resolution in steps of the flow which is defined by the smallest nozzle.

Gas Meter Calibration Rig

Our tailor-made, precise calibration rigs with integrated gas meters are designed for an automated calibration of flow measurement devices and sensors for the high end applications.

Using axial fans and air return thus one can build very efficient working calibration sections.

Pressure Calibration System

This pressure calibration system covers the examination of characteristic curves and calibration of pressure sensors and transmitters in an automated calibration procedure with data base connection. Calibration procedures can be defined very easy via PC software and later again been reloaded.
The calibration results were stored in the data base and can be printed by using predefined calibration reports.

Measurement towers and calibration rigs for

flow and pressure with air and gases

Further information and technical details can be found in the data sheet and on the product page

Leaflets and data sheets about our measuring systems:

LMF: The universal flow measuring system

Data sheet LMF

Data sheet LMS

Data sheet PCS