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The S320 Controller – introduction and overview

The S320 Controller with its 32 bit flow point signal processor is the general measuring and calculation unit of our measuring systems. The universal and freely programmable evaluation unit is suited excellently for all kind of measurement value acquisition, control and data recording.


It can be used not only with flow measurements with laminar flow elements or other differential pressure methods, pressure controls or leak tests. Wherever precise and quick measurements with high signal resolution on analog-digital conversions are required, it is able to show its exceptionally high strength by its crucially important modularity and flexibility.

Freely programmable and including 24 bit analog-digital conversion!

S320 Controller, rear view with slot cards
S320 Controller, rear view with slot cards

Slot cards – overview and functions:




Type 100: 2 x AIType 200: 2 x AO
Type 101: 2 x AI TrueRMS
Type 120: 4 x AIType 220: 4 x AO
Type 310: 1 x AI + 1 x AO
Type 500: 2 x IncCnType 520: 2 x PWM
Type 510: 2 x Cnt/Freq.
Type 400: bus extension module
for different digital DA/DE modules MOD400

The universal
S320 Controller

An essential measuring and calculation unit
for all problems!

Further information and technical details can be
found in the data sheet
and on the product page