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PCS Pressure Control System - Pressure Calibration Unit

The Pressure Control System, PCS for short, automates the pressure control and measurement for specification testing, calibration and endurance testing of sensors and elements with air and gases by a very flexibly adaptable, modular-structured and diverse test apparatus.


The PCS can be provided in different types and housings, starting from a panel-mounted instrument up to a 19" slide-in module in IP20, but also splash-proof (IP54). Modularity of the mechanical structure, sensor technology of the measuring system as well as of the flexibly configurable evaluation software guarantee the adaptation to different test and measuring problems.

PCS Pressure control system in 19'' rack 42TE
PCS Pressure control system in 19'' rack 42TE

Product features include:

  • Pressure control system for air and gases
  • Control of also large flows
  • Full scale measuring range of 1 mbar up to 16 bar
  • Measuring and control span 1:10, extended 1:100
  • 10 freely configurable test program memories
  • Evaluation up to 2 control sections at the same time
  • Usable control valve types: all
  • Measuring and control accuracy ≤±0,1% of full scale
  • Test temperature -10 up to +70°C
  • Interfaces: RS232, RS485, Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Digital inputs/outputs for PLC communication, and for activation of actors (solenoid valves, for example)

Modular and compact structure:


Closed and also open systems with high flow capacity can be controlled quickly and free of hysteresis by using different control valves.

Pressure control with the Pressure Control System: fast and accurate!

PCS Pressure measurement and control systems

Can be used in continuous operation
or for calibration!

Further information and technical details can be
found in the data sheet
and on the product page

Data sheet:

PCS Data sheet


PCS Manual