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LMS Leakage Measurement System - Leak Tester

The Leakage Measurement System, LMS for short, automates the classical leakage testing of devices and elements by means of a very compact, modular-structured and sophisticated test apparatus using the pressure drop method with air and gases.


The leak tester can be provided in different types and housings, starting from a panel-mounted instrument up to a 19'' slide-in module in IP20 and also obtainable as splash-proof (IP54). Modularity in the mechanical structure and in the sensor technology of the measuring system as well as in the flexibly configurable evaluation software guarantees its adaptation to the most diverse of testing and measuring problems.

LMS Testing system in 19'' rack 84TE
LMS Leakage testing system in 19'' rack 84TE

Product features iclude:

  • Testing based on pressure drop or increase method
  • Leak testing system for air and gases
  • Full scale measuring ranges in DP 60 mbar, P 16 bar
  • Measuring span 1:10, extended 1:100
  • 10 freely configurable test program data banks 
  • Evaluation of  up to 2 test sections at the same time
  • Optional electronic pressure control
  • Measuring and control accuracy ≤±0,1% of reading
  • Test temperature from -10 up to +40°C
  • Interfaces: RS232, RS485, Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Digital inputs/outputs for  PLC communication, and for activation of actors (solenoid valves, for example)

Modular structure, compact test module:


The measuring times are drastically reduced and the resolution is significantly improved, based on the pressure drop or pressure increase methods using the integrated differential pressure sensor. The usage of 4 isolation valves secures the set-up against self-leakage from the valves.

Stable and reliable leakage testing


Small volumes and high-dense valves guarantee best repeatability.


LMS Leakage testing systems

Achieve optimum results by simple means!

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