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We provide training on our measurement systems, flow measuring elements and sensors.

The spectrum ranges from the hardware of the measuring systems, the physical functioning of the sensors and flow elements and covers from calibration right up to the software.

With our training, we want to create in all participants a thorough grounding in a range of topics. As only with a good understanding of the measurement task and the measuring instrument can the pitfalls of testing practice be mastered successfully and independently.

Training in measurement systems, flow elements and sensors

Grafik Kalibrier-Hierarchie

Calibration and measurement capability:

  • Transfer and calibration standards
  • Traceability to national standards
  • Creating an allowance for doubtful measurements
  • Methods for determining the measurement capability
Controller S320 für LMF-, LMS- und PCS-Messsysteme

Training in the use and configuration of our measurement systems:

  • LMF – Flow measurement with Laminar Master Flow
  • LMS – Leak testing with the Leakage Measurement System
  • PCS – Pressure control and calibration with the Pressure Control System
  • S320 – Functioning and programming of the S320 Controller
Grafik LFE-Messung

Training in the use and operation of flow measuring elements:

  • Laminar Flow Elements LFE
  • Orifice plates, nozzles and Venturi tubes
  • Mass flow meters
  • Critical nozzles
Grafik Dichtheitsprüfung

Training in the operation of sensors and calibrators:

  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Current and voltage

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