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DAkkS calibration

Our calibration laboratory is accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 under registration no. DK-17589-01-00 from the German Accreditation Office (DAkkS).

The measurement quantities are volume and mass flow respectively volume and mass of air and gases as well as the quantities pressure, temperature, relative humidity, and electrical direct voltage, direct current and DC resistance.


TetraTec Instruments is also a member of the corresponding technical committees of the German Calibration Service (DKD) under the auspices of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt PTB.


Our service offer for DAkkS calibrations in house and on-site:

Measurement Range Calibration Standard Trace-
Volume Flow (Air)
Mass Flow (Air)
39 ml/h up to 10.000 m3/h
60 ml/h up to 4.700 m3/h
47 mg/h up to 12.000 kg/h
72 mg/h up to 5.640 kg/h
Crit. nozzles, gas meter, LFE
Gas meter, LFE
Crit. nozzles, gas meter, LFE
Gas meter, LFE
Flow Generation
In house (Air)
On-Site (Air)
bis 100 Nm3/h compressed air (8 bar)
up to 500 / 2000 / 10.000 m3/h vacuum (-600 / -300 / -80 mbar)
Medium supply must be provided by customer.
Absolute pressure 14 mbar up to 70 bar Piston manometer, El. pressure sensor PTB
Positive pressure
Negative pressure
0 up to 70 bar
-14 mbar up to -1 bar
Piston manometer, El. pressure sensor PTB
Temperature 0 up to 90 °C Resistance thermometer, water bath DAkkS
Relative humidity 10 up to 95 % r.F. Dew point mirror, El. humidity sensor DAkkS
Direct voltage
Direct current
DC Resistance
0 up to 60 V
0 up to 3 A
0 up to 12 M Ohm
System Multimeter,
El. signal meter,
Resistance meter, fixed resistor


The flow quantities at on-site calibrations can now beginning with 16.06.2017 also be certified by a DAkkS calibration certificate.

The auxiliary parameter like pressure, temperature, relative humidity as well as electrical quantities (direct voltage, direct current, DC resistance) can be shown at an on-site calibration only in the DAkkS calibration certificate for the flow or have to be certified stand alone only by a factory calibration certificate, if an own calibration certificate is necessary.

For the best possible measurement uncertainties (MU) see annex to the DAkkS accreditation certificate or on request. Depending on the on-site calibration conditions in temperature, pressure and humidity though has to be added a MU adder.

Other gases than air at DAkkS calibrations on request! In house are more than 12 pure gases and gas mixtures available. 6 pure gases can be used for accredited calibrations.


for the flow
of air and gases