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WIT-S: Temperature sensor – probe version

The WIT-S temperature sensor with Pt100 element in probe version is completely made of stainless steel. Apart from the probe version it is also available as screw-in sensor. The Pt100 resistive element is in the tip of the probe tube. The connector is attached in four-wire technology at the other end.


The resistive temperature sensor WIT-S is designed for a precise measurement of temperatures within the range of –30 up to +80 °C. Various types of accuracy, housing and connection are available. The probe version provides variable immersion depths, while the srew-in version is more compact and robust.

WIT-S Temperature sensor as probe and screw-in version
WIT-S Sensor, probe and screw-in version

Product features include:

  • Resistive temperature sensor with platinum element
  • Temperature measuring range: –30 °C up to +80 °C
  • Accuracy classes: A, 1/3 B, 1/10 B
  • Mechanical connection: G1/8", G1/4", G1/2"
  • Variants of the probe tube: closed or open


The probe tube is available up to 250 mm long in the probe version. The sensor is installed with a clamp bolting G1/8" up to G1/2". The variable immersion depth is ideal for tubes with larger nominal diameters up to DN 500.
The WIT-S as a screw-in temperature sensor is also designed for tubes up to DN 500. It can be screwed directly in a welding sleeve on the tube or in relevant sensor blocks by the integrated G1/4" or G1/2" thread.

Special features:

The probe version is available from stock with a 50 or 100 mm long probe tube. It can be installed by clamp bolting according to requirements, where the immersion depth can be adapted. The clamp boltings for the probe version and the screw-in versions require a plain sealing surface!

For a quick temperature measurement the WIT-S in probe version can be supplied with slotted measuring head (T (99%) appr. 25 seconds).

WIT-S Sensor

Temperature sensor
as probe or screw-in sensor

More information and technical details can be
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Data sheet:

Data sheet WIT-S


Manual WIT-S

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