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HUMTMP: Combined sensor for temperature and humidity

For precise flow measurements it is required often to record temperature and humidity of the flowing medium. For this purpose we offer the models of the series HUMTMP, which combine a sensor for the determination of temperature and humidity in one device.


The sensor can be used for pressures up to 16 bar and it is equipped with a screw-in thread G1/2" for installation. The Pt100 resistive element and the capacitive humidity sensor are open in direction of the medium. A glass leadthrough separates electronics and sensors. The sensors are protected from high flow rate and particles by a plastic or stainless steel sinter filter cap.

Product features include:

  • Combined measurement of temperature and humidity
  • Measuring range temperature: –10 up to +60°C
  • Measuring range humidity: 0 up to 100% relative humidity
  • Mechanical connection: G1/2"a
  • Quick response time

Special features:


Temperature is measured by a passive Pt100 element and humidity is measured by a capacitive measuring element. The sensors are protected from high flow rates and particles by a plastic or stainless steel sinter filter cap.


The connection thread with O-ring and integrated glass leadthrough allows pressure-tight connecting of the sensor in closed compressed air tube systems with up to 16 bar overpressure.


The flow rate at the measuring head must not exceed 40 m/s. Furthermore, humidity sensors are subject to ageing as a matter of principle and must be recalibrated from time to time or replaced.


For simultaneous temperature and humidity measurement

More information and technical details can be
found in the data sheet

Data sheet:

Data sheet HUMTMP



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