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PDP – Combined pressure sensor

Sensors of the series PDP are combined sensors for differential pressure and static pressure. They are particularly suitable for flow measurement with Laminar Flow Elements in connection with the S320 Controller for signal conditioning.


PDP combined pressure sensors have an extremely overload capacitive differential pressure measuring cell as well as a piezoresistive sensor for static pressure. The capacitive differential pressure cell and the piezoresistive pressure sensor in the PDP sensor stand out thanks to very fast response times, very good reproducibility, low hysteresis and good zero point stability.

PDP Combination pressure sensor, attachable version
PDP Combined pressure sensor, attachable

Product features include:

  • Combined measurement: differential and static pressure
  • Differential pressure measuring range 1 up to 20 mbar
  • Static pressure measuring range of 70 mbar up to 7 bar
  • Bidirectional differential pressure measurement (option)
  • Media: air and inert gases up to 6 bar
  • Voltage or current output
  • Response behaviour (analog): T90: approx. 5 ms
PDP Combination sensor, flange version
PDP Combined pressure sensor, flange version

Special features:


The PDP sensor is rather insensitive to changes in position.

The distance of the pressure connections of the attachable version of the PDP is compatible with the LFE series MK, MJ, MW, MH and MY.
For series MC and MR an adapter or the flange version of the sensor is necessary.

Different measuring range combinations of differential pressure and static pressure are possible.

PDP Combined
pressure sensor

For differential and static pressure

More information and technical details can be
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Data sheet:

Data sheet PDP


Manual PDP

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