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3051S – HART Pressure sensor for static and differential pressure

The model 3051S with HART protocol is a very precise and at the same time pressure-resistant transmitter for difference, gauge or absolute pressure measurements and it is suitable for liquids, gases or vapors. A LCD digital indicator is available optionally.


The measuring range of the 3051S to the 4 up to 20 mA current signal can be freely adjusted by a HART communicator. The capacitive sensor of the 3051S is isolated from the medium with a stainless steel separating diaphragm and oil filling. It has an enormously high overpressure resistance of 100 bar and more loading capacity particularly at differential pressure due to the oil filling and installed protective mechanisms.

3051 HART Pressure sensor
3051S HART Pressure sensor

Product features include:

  • Differential, gauge, absolute pressure measurement
  • Measuring range final values: ±0.25 mbar to ±276 bar
  • Accuracy: < 0.1 % of full scale with 16 bit resolution
  • Long term drift: < 0.1 %
  • Signal output: 4 up to 20 mA
  • Measuring range: bidirectional, continuously adjustable
  • Media: Gases, liquids, vapor
  • Supply: 24 Vdc
  • Response time T90: approx. 250 ms


Special features:


By means of a HART communicator the pressure sensor can be reconfigurated at any time and settings can be read.

Plant-Web housing: The head of the transmitter can be rotated through 180° for the use of a display.
The keys Span and Zero are under the cover on the top of the head.
Span: upper range value while the pressure exists.
Zero: lower range value while the pressure exists.

3051 S
HART Pressure sensor

For differential, gauge and absolute pressure

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