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RFM: Bourdon tube pressure gauge

The bourdon tube pressure gauge RFM is available in pressure measuring ranges for vacuum pressure from 0 down to -1 bar and for overpressure from 0 up to +40 bar gauge pressure. It can be used for gaseous and liquid, not highly viscous and non-crystallising media – also for use in an aggressive environment.


The operating principle is based on the curvature of a tube with elliptical cross section at gauge pressure changes (Bourdon effect). Various accuracy classes, scales and connection variants as well as the measuring element in stainless steel or brass are available generally. Zero point correction screw or blow-out back rear panel are available optionally.

RFM Bourdon tube pressure gauge
RFM Bourdon tube pressure gauge

Product features include:

  • Measuring range: Vacuum –1 bar up to 40 bar gauge pressure
  • Media: air, gases and liquids
  • Measuring element in stainless steel and brass available
  • Scales: 50 mm, 63 mm and 100 mm
  • Accuracy class: 1.6, optional 1.0
  • Robust design
  • Connection: axial or radial
  • Option: Zero point correction screw
  • Option: blow-out rear panel

Bourdon tube pressure gauge

Overpressure measurement of gases and liquids

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Data sheet RFM

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