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KFM: Capsule pressure gauge

The capsule pressure gauge KFM is a low-pressure manometer for gaseous, dry media which do not corrode copper alloys. Gauge pressure measuring ranges of 16 mbar up to 600 mbar overpressure. Various accuracy classes, scales and connection variants are available.


The measuring principle is based on two concentrically curled metal diaphragm, which are connected pressure-tight with each other at the edges. Under the influence of pressure the capsule bulges on both sides. During vacuum measurements it is pressed together by the external pressure on both sides. To minimize pressure peaks a small nozzle is installed on the port.

KFM Capsule pressure gauge
KFM Capsule pressure gauge

Product features include:

  • Gauge pressure measuring ranges of 16 up to 600 mbar
  • Medium: air and dry gases
  • Scales: 63 mm and 100 mm
  • Accuracy class: 1.6, optional 1.0
  • Robust design
  • Connection: axial or radial

Capsule pressure gauge

Low pressure measurement of dry gases

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Data sheet:

Data sheet KFM

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