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P · DP Pressure gauges – overview

Depending on the field of application and task mechanical and electronic pressure gauges are required in various versions and measuring ranges to indicate the pressure directly, for example on pressure controllers, to make presettings easier.


For this we offer – depending on the tasks – different types of mechanical and electronic pressure gauges with different measuring ranges for pressure and differential pressure. Easy handling, good readability, robustness and appropriate accuracy are important selection criteria.

Our delivery program:

Differential, absolute and gauge pressure manometers and indicators with ranges of 0.02 up to 1000 bar.


Manometers and pressure gauges:

Fields of application:

Differential pressure on the flow element Pressure drop on the test sample
Output pressure on the pressure controller Over/vacuum pressure on the test sample

Manometers and pressure gauges

For gauge, absolute and differential pressure

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