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Software get red-y: device management for the GSx Smart series

The software get red-y allows the user PC access to all connected mass flow meters and controllers of the GSx series for air and clean gases. The measurement values are read via data logger function and can be recorded for protocol.


Device information can be displayed with the software based on Windows® and different operating parameters can be viewed and edited. It serves as a service and analysis tool, e.g. for the testing of valve settings. Such it is possible to adapt the control characteristics or to retrieve calibration curves. In addition, functions like totalizer and change of gas type are available.

Software get red-y and GSx Smart device
Software get red-y and GSx Smart device

Performance features:

  • Important device information at a glance, e.g.:
    actual value, temperature, total, valve voltage, etc.
  • Set point specification of flow and pressure controllers
  • Assignment of device names, e.g. measurement point designation
  • Changing of the device address (modbus, profibus)
  • Visualization of measurement data
  • Adapting of the control speed
  • Operating status monitoring
  • Measuring unit and type of gas changeable
  • Mixer function
  • Data logger
  • Calibration and adjustment
  • Plug&play with USB cable
  • Runs on all computers with Windows® XP, Vista, 7

The communication software 'get red-y' is delivered with each device on CD. The latest version is ready for free-of-charge download on the website of Vögtlin Instruments AG.

get red-y

Device management
for the GSx series

More information and technical details can be
found in the data sheet

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