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PCU-10 – display and control unit

The display and control unit PCU-10 modifies and links the thermal mass flow meters and controllers of the series Smart GSx as central control unit. It allows the operation of up to 10 flow meters of the Smart series with predefined programs.


The connected red-y Smart meters and controllers are detected automatically and are displayed with serial number, measuring range and calibrated type of gas. The four operating modes individual control, gas mixer, master/slave mixer and burner control are available in English. The stored values are saved in an EEPROM memory, which does not need a back-up battery.

Display unit PCU-10
Display unit PCU-10

Product features include:

  • Display of the gas flow set value for each connected meter and controller
  • Display of the gas flow actual value for each connected meter and controller
  • Setting and saving of set values
  • Saving of up to 12 different gas mixtures as a recipe
  • Overall flow meters for each connected meter and controller
  • Specifications of minimum and maximum limit values with red alarm indicator when reaching the limit values
  • Gas mixer with up to 12 recipes
  • Usage of the Vögtlin get-red-y software on a PC for direct configuration of the meters and controllers

The compact control unit with color touch screen and integrated mains supply circuit is delivered as table device, control panel installation variant or in a 19" slide-in-module. The delivery of table-top housing versions includes the PCU-10, a CD with the software get red-y as well as the power cord.

The front panel mounting and the 19" slide-in-module variants are delivered with CD, without power cord.

The display unit

Controls and networks the GSx series

More information and technical details can be
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Data sheet:

Data sheet PCU-10


Manual PCU-10


Software "get red-y"

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