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Smart mass flow meters and controllers for gases

The thermal mass flow meters and controllers of the series red-y by Vögtlin Instruments determine and control very exactly the mass flows of air and gases. Its easy handling and compact design offer considerable benefits.


Passing a flow divider a defined part of the flowing gas is conducted to the mass flow sensor. The medium is heated there as previously defined and the temperature difference between input and output of the mass flow sensor is measured. By knowing the bypass divider relation the total mass flow can be determined.

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Mass flow meters with measuring ranges from 25 ml/min up to 400 l/min air.

Mass flow meters and controllers for gases

Software get red-y for the Smart series

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... with CMOS sensor technology:

CMOSens™ means one unit including sensor element, amplifier and A/D converter on the same silicon chip. The CMOSens™-'intelligence' integrated on the chip allows a pretty simple processing of the displayed measurement data. The convincing advantages of this technology are high precision, quick response time and wide measuring ranges. Due to the compact single chip design sensors on base of CMOSens™ are extremely resistant against electromagnetic interferences (EMV). CMOSens™ is a registered trade mark of Sensirion (Switzerland).

Thermal mass flow meters

Compact measurement of the mass flow
of air and gases

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