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Dynamic pressure probes

Dynamic pressure probes are differential pressure transducers, on which the flow of the flowing medium – liquid, vapor or gas – generates a dynamic pressure, which is proportional to the flow rate. They work according to Bernoulli's principle – similar to orifices, venturi nozzles and other differential pressure transducers or square root devices.


Several orifices guided along the probe are installed corresponding to the pipe cross section in such a way, that the measured differential pressure is averaged according to the flow distribution over the pipe cross section. Orifices are installed on both input and output probes in and against flow direction respectively. Thus the measured dynamic pressure is nearly doubled.

Our delivery program:

Accutube dynamic pressure probes for pipe diameters from DN 12 up to DN 1800.

Pitot tubes and probes:

  • 10A – 11A Accutube
    Inline pitot tubes
  • 20T – 21T Accutube
    Probe type for lower pressure
  • 22L – 23L Accutube
    Probe types for higher pressure
  • 24D – 25D Accutube
    Probe type for flange assembly
  • 33T – 37L Accutube
    Probe type with changeover system


Dynamic pressure probes are available for pipe diameters DN 12 up to 1800 mm and different pitot tube diameters for different flow rates. The various models also differ from the used materials to enable higher temperature, pressure and media compatibility. Special versions for maintenance during operation are also available. The use of this sensors is the right choice, if easy subsequent installation, very low pressure drop, reliable performance and cost-efficient operation is required.

Dynamic pressure probes

Measure the rate of flowing media

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