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Critical nozzles according to DIN EN ISO 9300

For the flow setting of air and pure gases for recurring calibration tasks of flow meters critical nozzles according to standard DIN EN ISO 9300 are an ideal, long-time stable transfer standard. They are very efficient when used with nozzle galleries.


Our offer includes precisely constructed Venturi nozzles, also called Laval-nozzles, with throat diameters d greater than 0.17 mm, complete nozzle measuring sections and nozzle galleries with pipe diameters of DN 4 up to DN 400. Smaller micro nozzles with throat diameters d smaller than 0.17 mm can also be manufactured, similar to the standard, in engraved, cylindrical throat geometry.

Our delivery program:

Critical nozzles for pipe diameters from DN 4 up to DN 400.

Critical nozzles according to ISO 9300:

Nozzle gallery concepts:

Design of complete test sections

Single measurement sections with venturi nozzles can be configured in a wide range of options and combinations as well as in nominal sizes from DN 4 up to DN 400. In addition to pipe and block adapters for nozzle bodies, which can be equipped with metric or imperial threads depending on your needs. DIN, KF, ISO-K flanges as well as Swagelok, AN-Union, VCR and other special connections are possible, too.

Nozzles connected in parallel combine arbitrarily the individual flows of each nozzle:

We offer our nozzle gallery standard concepts with diameters from 10 mm up to 50 mm.
For high flow rates we realize nozzle galleries with inlet/outlet sections, DIN flanges and butterfly valves to customer's specifications in combined diameters between DN 50 and DN 400.

Critical nozzles
and nozzle galleries

For the calibration according to

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