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M10: Mechanical precision pressure regulator

Many applications require mechanical pressure regulators, which are able to keep a constant supply pressure exactly and long-time stable. The M10 precision pressure regulator from Fairchild with control ranges from 0 up to 150 mbar or 0 up to 28 bar satisfies highest requirements.


The setting of the control pressure is transmitted by a spring-diaphragm-system to the valve controlling the flow. There is a balance of forces between the spring-diaphragm-system and the opposing output pressure, which keeps the output pressure nearly constant even with major changes. To prevent persistence due to friction, a small quantity of air is continuously blown out by a release valve.

Precision pressure regulator M10
Precision pressure regulator M10

Product features include:

  • Pneumatic precision pressure regulator for overpressure
  • Pressure control ranges of 0.15 up to 28 bar
  • Responsiveness better than 0.2 % F.S.
  • Input pressure dependency better than 0.1 % F.S/bar
  • Open pressure regulator with release valve

Special features:

  • Low pressure dependency
  • high sensitivity
  • fast response time

M10 - a mechanical precision pressure regulator for gauge pressure

M10 Mechanical precision pressure regulator

For overpressure
with air

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found in the data sheet

Data sheet:

Data sheet M10


Manual M10

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