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T6000: Electro-pneumatic converter

The electro-pneumatic converter T6000 operates on the nozzle anvil principle. This allows a very fine, nearly hysteresis-free pressure control in the range of 0 up to 8 bar overpressure. This regulator allows fast, precise and stable pressure controls.


In the first step the device converts the electric signal into a magnetic field by a coil, the power of which controls the distance of a nozzle anvil system and the pressure then. In the second step this pressure signal activates a pneumatic amplifier relay, which increases the air flow capacity.

T6000 Electro-pneumatic converter
T6000 Electro-pneumatic converter

Product features include:

  • Nozzle anvil control valve
  • Pressure control of 0 bar up to 8 bar overpressure
  • Medium: Air and inert gases
  • 3/2-way control valve
  • Flow up to 400 Nl/min
  • External zero point and gradient setting

Special features:


Reverse function: Offers directly proportional or
inversly proportional output to the input signal.
RFI/EMI protection: Eliminates malfunctions caused by
electromagnetic interferences.
Connection options on both sides of input and output
on front and rear side.

Electro-pneumatic converter T6000

For fast and precise pressure controls

More information and technical details can be
found in the data sheet

Data sheet:

Data sheet T6000


Manual T6000

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