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KPS: Pressure control rotary vane valve in diameters DN 4 and DN 6

The pressure control valve KPS is designed for a fast pressure control of -0.9 bar vacuum up to 10 bar overpressure. The 3-way principle allows it to mix inlet pressures according to the position of the control valve.


The KPS pressure control valve is available in diameters 4 and 6 mm (KPS 3/4 and KPS 3/6). It consists of a rotary vane servo valve cartridge, a piezo-resistive pressure measuring cell, an electronic PID pressure regulator as well as an electronic position control and power level. There is the option to omit the internal pressure sensor for connecting an external pressure transmitter.

KPS Pressure control valve
KPS Pressure control valve

Product features include:

  • Pressure control valve in the diameters 4 and 6 mm
  • Pressure control of -0.9 bar vacuum up to 10 bar overpressure
  • Medium: Air and inert gases
  • 3/3-way control valve
  • Flow up to 780 Nl/min (NW 6)
  • Switching time of 5 ms
  • Option for internal and external sensor

Special features:


Error output: Switches, if the control error cannot be compensated for a longer period (appr. 5 sec.).
Limit output: Switches, if the output pressure exceeds a limit value adjustable between 0 and 100%.

Electronic pressure regulator KPS

Measurement of vacuum, absolute pressure and overpressure

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Data sheet:

Data sheet KPS


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