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Electronic pressure regulators - overview

Not only with closed but also with open systems with high flow rates pressures can be adjusted quickly and precisely by using the right electronic pressure regulator with suitable diameter.

In general, the set-up of a two-step pressure control with an upstream mechanical pressure regulator is recommended when electronic pressure regulators are used. Thus, the electronic regulator can be operated with an optimal prepressure. Though the pressure control gets more precisely and it is decoupled by pressure fluctuations that are often existing in the compressed air network.

Our delivery program:

Overpressure, vacuum and absolute pressure regulators for ranges of 150 mbar up to 28 bar.

Electronic pressure regulators

Fields of application:

Electronic pressure control Determination of pressure characteristic curves
Overpressure and vacuum control 3/2 way or 3/3 way control
Process control for air and inert gases

Electronic pressure regulators

Keep the pressure constant and stable

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