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TetraTec Instruments introduces itself

Classic flow and leak testing tasks in air or gas-carrying components or devices can be very efficient, repeatable and carried out precisely with powerful testing technology. Instead of testing using fluids, in many cases testing can also be done using "dry" air.

As your systems and service partner we would like to support you with the maintenance of your measuring technology, the improvement of your products and the development of new solutions for you by using our in-depth know-how, our many years of experience in measuring and control technology, combined with our proven calibration methods.

Our product and service ranges:

In our workshops and laboratories at our Steinenbronn site near Stuttgart we have our engineers, physicists, technicians and commercial staff organised into three sections and working towards this goal.

Measuring systems
and electronics

Measuring technology
and test laboratory

DAkkS / DKD and factory calibration laboratory

TetraTec-Systeme TetraTec-Messtechnik TetraTec-Kalibrierlabor

The department "Measurement systems and electronics" develops software and designs and creates measuring systems according to our customers' requirements based on our testing and measuring system concepts and the S320 controller with CAD support. The variety ranges from systems with or without mounting plate assembly to test benches.

The department "Measurement technology and test laboratory" devises all types of flow meters, manufactures them and carries out in-house testing on the sensors, flow measuring elements and components. It is also responsible for providing advice on and the
sale of our partner companies' calibration equipment, sensors and controllers.

The department "DAkkS / DKD and factory calibration laboratory" develops calibration technologies for flow measuring elements in air and gases, as well as measuring devices for pressure, temperature and humidity. Furthermore we can carry out calibrations for all types of flow measurement devices and sensors either on our premises or on-site at our customers.

From system configuration to measurement technology right up to calibration – our specialists will take care of all your concerns.

Measurement systems
and calibration

Years of experience
in dry testing
in one place