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Tetra Tec Instruments regards itself as a specialist system and service partner providing automatable pressure control, flow management and leak testing for structural elements, components and devices used in industrial applications with air and gases.


Our efficient calibration systems, testing systems, measuring and control systems, as well as our flow measuring elements, sensors and control valves, can be offered either individually or integrated into a system as the optimum solution for your calibration and testing regimes in manufacturing, development, laboratory or mobile use. We are able to make all services, such as calibrations for example, available to you on-site.


Expertise in calibration, measuring and control technology – for your innovations!

DAkkS accredited calibration laboratory

Our calibration laboratory is accredited in accordance with the standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 by the German Accreditation Office (DAkkS) under the registration number D-K-17589-01-00 in relation to the measurement quantities volume and mass flow respectively volume and mass of air and gases as well as since 16.6.2017 additionally to the quantities pressure, temperature, relative humidity, and electrical DC voltage, DC current and DC resistance.

We can offer our accredited calibration services for flow measurement devices from all producers.

Testing for pressure, flow and tightness
with air and gases

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We are a member of the German Calibration Service
DKD Deutscher Kalibrierdienst

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